Inscribtion and tuition fee

Inscribtion and tuition fee   Nederlands

There are three enrollment periods per school season:
– start school season to Christmas holidays
– January, Februari, March
– April to summer holidays.
The registration is automatically extended to a subsequent period unless you cancel before the start of the period.
A child can start at any time; the tuition fee is then calculated proportionally.
Trial lessons have the same price as regular lessons and will be charged afterwards when it is clear whether the student continues or stops.
The tuition fee is paid per period. It is calculated based on the number of classes scheduled in a period, times the base rate, which varies per course, plus € 2.
Payment of the tuition fees can be done via an authorization or transfer, not cash.
You can only cancel via, not with the teacher.
If the student stops prematurely before the end of the period, tuition is due over the entire period. After consultation, the student can switch to another Movendi class of his or her choice at any time if that course is not full.
If the regular teacher isunable to attend and no replacement is found, the lesson will be canceled and the tuition fee for that lesson will be deducted from the tuition fee for the following period. If the student does not continue in that next period, there will be no refund.
If one or more planned lessons are canceled while this was not yet known at the start of the period, for example because the classroom is not available, there is no compensation of tuition fees.

With a low family income there is financial help:
We will gladly send you the necessary information for the application.