Terms and Conditions


Inscribtion and tuition fee
Inscribtion goes by email.
A child can start at any time; the tuition is then calculated proportionally.
There are three enrollment periods per school season:
– start school season until Christmas holidays
– January until March
– April to summer holidays.
The registration is automatically extended to a subsequent period unless one cancels before the start of the period.
One can only cancel via info@movendi.nl. The first year of participation one can cancel per a subsequent period and from one year of participation also with a notice period of one month.
The tuition fee is paid per period and is calculated based on the number of classes scheduled in a period, times the base rate, which varies per course.
Trial lessons have the same price as regular lessons and will be charged afterwards when it is clear whether the student continues.
Payment of the tuition fees can be done via your authorization or transfer, not cash. Transferring yourself costs €2 extra.
One can only cancel via info@movendi.nl, not with the teacher.
If the student stops prematurely before the end of the period, tuition is due over the entire period. After consultation, the student can switch to another Movendi class of his/her choice at any time if that course is not full.

For classroom lessons, scheduled lessons that have not been taken will be charged.
If a scheduled private lesson is missed, the lesson will be charged unless canceled before 10 a.m. on the lesson day by text message.
With a low family income there is financial help by the Jeugdfondssportencultuur.nl.
On request we will send you the necessary information for the application.

Pick up
Make sure that the person that picks up your child is waiting a little earlier than the scheduled pick up time.
The the persons that picks up are supposed to wait for the children and not the other way around.
Late pick-ups may result in an extra lesson being charged if the teacher waits for you.
The teacher often has to move on to another location or to a connected lesson.

Responsibility for the pupils
1. Concerning the transfer of a pupil between the school and Movendi when the Movendi lesson connects with leaving the school:
A. When the parent and Movendi have agreed that the employee of Movendi will pick up the child, the Movendi responsibility for the child starts at the moment the school (teacher) has personally handed over the child to the employee of Movendi.
The parent is responsible for agreeing with the school teacher that she/he will hand over the child to the employee of Movendi.
B. If a child goes her/himself to the Movendi classroom after school, the Movendi responsibility for the child starts at the moment the child has reported her/himself to the Movendi teacher. The parent is responsible for properly instructing the child what to do when the Movendi teacher is not there; such as going back to the school teacher.
2. If a student leaves the classroom during the Movendi lesson, Movendi is no longer responsible for the child. The Movendi teacher cannot follow a child because she/he is not allowed to leave the rest of the class alone.
The parent is responsible for properly instructing the child what to do if she/he wants to leave during the lesson: tell the teacher to call the parent.

Teacher coaching
For the quality of the lessons, the Movendi teacher coach sometimes comes to watch a lesson and sometimes videotapes the lesson to discuss it with the teacher afterwards. This video will be deleted afterterwards.